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Monday, 25 December 2017

Foxit Phantom PDF Business + Crack – 2017

Foxit Phantom PDF Business + Crack – 2017

Foxit Phantom PDF Business 9.0
Foxit Phantom PDF Business 9.0


Foxit Phantom PDF Business + Crack – 2017

Foxit Phantom software extends the capabilities of the standard Foxit Phantom security features that help companies meet regulatory and policy requirements for important document archiving and processing, and whether stored to ensure that information will not be changed after approval. Authors of PDFs can control access to each document for certification and change after certification.

Foxit PhantomPDF Business provides the ability to create professional PDF documents, highlight and annotate, edit content and protect data inside PDF. Foxit PhantomPDF Business is a flexible solution suitable for large enterprises and does not consume a lot of system resources even when made for thousands of concurrent users.


• faster creation of PDF documents than other PDF tools
• small size distribution and fast execution speed
• create PDF files from any file, suitable for printing
• create a document PDF directly from the scanner
• Edit and modify the contents of PDF files
• Compare two PDF files for the difference between them
• Add, delete, or combine pages from multiple PDF files
• Create and fill Into electronic forms
• Protect PDF passwords and certification documents and
• Add digital signature to PDF documents

Create PDF documents more than three times faster! 

• Get started quickly.
• The appearance and content of the generated PDF files correspond entirely to the source documents.

Industry-quality PDF documents

• Supports more than 200 popular Office file types.
• Work concurrently with some materials.
• Office Toolbar Shortcuts.

Support PDF / A.

• The ability to select the specifications of PDF 1.3 or 1.7 will make your PDF document compatible with many PDF viewers.

Hide important data

You can hide confidential information (text and images) in a PDF document, such as a social security number.

Managed Rights Management Service @ Microsoft Directory and Policy Manager

• Enhanced document management capabilities through integration with Microsoft Windows Server @ Active Directory management rights.
• Control access to individual PDFs, distribute read and modify documents.

Form XFA Fill

• Supports XFA (XML Forms Architecture) to fill in forms using XFA elements, allowing you to leverage the existing XFA form.

Advanced editing

• You can perform many tasks with PDF-documents: change the content of the page, select, insert, update, delete, rotate, copy and paste text, images, graphics and shadings.

Document Certification

• You can identify changes that may be applied to your PDF document.

High compression ratio of scanned documents

• High compression ratio of scanned documents will reduce the size of the resulting file and optimize the processing.

OCR text recognition

• You can convert scanned documents or regular PDFs into editable text files.

Quick Scans

• Optimizes the workflow of converting contracts, agreements and other documents into electronic PDF files.
• Scan and convert with one button.

Add header and footer to a PDF file

• You can add page numbers, headers, and footers directly to a PDF file.

Add watermarks and wallpapers to PDF files

• You can add watermarks and icons, such as “Privacy”, “Draft”, etc. in PDFs.
• You can add a background to the PDF file so that your documents look professional.

Edit and edit PDF content

• Quickly edit the content of your document and fix it directly in the PDF.
Add text to a PDF file as needed.

Edit documents

• Add comments, notes, notes.
• Choose colors, underlining, and other ways to highlight text.
• Tools »Repeat» and «Cancel».

Compare PDF Documents

• Quickly compare two documents to determine the latest changes.

Organize PDF pages

• Reorganize PDF pages without the need for a direct application of the document.
Add, delete and merge pages of multiple PDF files.
• Change the order of PDF pages by dragging.

Configure and populate electronic forms

• Convert existing forms to electronic PDFs.
• Easy to use configuration tools will make your PDF documents more interactive.
• Create and manage a digital signature to quickly add a signature field in the future.

Optimize PDF documents

• Reduce the size of files for sharing and easy processing.

Protect PDF documents with passwords and certificates.

• Access control for PDF documents.
• Protect sensitive PDF documents with passwords.
• Improved security when sending and receiving PDFs.

Add digital signatures to PDF documents.

• Add digital signatures to PDF documents to optimize business processes.
• Improved security through user identification.
Automatically check for unauthorized content changes.

More information about the document

• You can add the necessary information about the document to store and search more convenient.

Additional connectivity with the Windows ODBC database

• You can extend the configuration options by accessing the database through javascript.
Developers will be able to create scripts to connect to the database and add new data, update information, and delete database records.


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