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Thursday, 28 December 2017

GOM Media Player Latest

GOM Media Player Latest

GOM Media Player Latest_ZainsBaba.com
GOM Media Player Latest_ZainsBaba.com


GOM Media Player as assessed by both experts and users as one of the program to watch movies free music best today with the ability to play all the music formats that do not require you do not have to install additional codecs nothing. Especially, GOM Media Player has the ability to play music files corrupted, or play music files on the Internet while they are being downloaded.

GOM Media Player offers a variety of codecs filters let you enjoy music or watch viddeo easy, can play both the corrupted file. This software supports powerful caption, allows the creation of playlists easy to use, features customized parameters for video and audio such as brightness, contrast and saturation, sharpness and balanced sound .

GOM Media Player is further supported by the latest audio codecs for various formats, enhanced stability for external codec, GOM Remote leave windows and Subtitle Search. Also, GOM Media Player also adds icons WebM file installation, remove Uninstall in Preferences, basic bug fixes of the previous version.

GOM Media Player is a movie player software was quite familiar and have a long lifespan on the PC platform gives you the entertainment experience quite interesting. Program support many different formats, allows fixes the broken AVI files, custom mode subtitles when watching movies or taking pictures while watching certain videos.

GOM Media Player software is one of the best music, the best video on the computer today. The program supports you play most current digital music formats such as: MP4, 3GP, MOV, MPG, TP, AVI, DivX, WMV, ASF, MKV, … Also GOM Player also provides the use many powerful features and other useful as manage playlists, custom audio, video

GOM Media Player is a music player software to watch movies with multiple video formats and different sounds, such as FLV, MP4, MOV, MPG, AVI, DAT, MKV, DIVX, TS, ASX, WMV, M4V, IFO, VOB , 3GP / 3GP2, RM / RMVB, OGM, video files and mP3, M4A, AAC, OGG and many other formats. Integrated software and music playing features of the damaged file. Also, GOM Media Player does not require users to download a video codec or audio formats like many other software. Experience the music, watching movies with GOM Media Player to experience the wonderful feeling.

Also, GOM Media Player also supports imaging features (can take up to 999 shots continuously) within the video to help users to store more photos from video viewing with the aid of computer Burst Capture feature available in the software. Not only that, GOM Media Player can customize the brightness, contrast and saturation, even make video look better or more thanks to the graphics processing software. Like other software, GOM Media Player has been present on the latest Windows version is now Windows 8.

To play the MPEG video format, the software you use quality Free MPG Player with excellent sound image . Besides Free MPG Player also allows customized parameters for video, such as frame rate, resolution.

The GOM Media Player Features:

Supports multiple play types and video files of different sounds: FLV, MP4, MOV, MPG, AVI, DAT, MKV, DIVX, TS, ASX, WMV, ASF, ASX, …
take a picture in the video: allows viewers can take pictures in the video watching.
View your broken AVI files: The AVI file gets corrupted due to any error, the software also supports the view.
Repeat the videos: Users can easily loop video segments with AB repeat function of the software.
Adjust brightness, dark in the video: Bringing you the contrast of the video while watching.
Hide in task manager bar: Users easily hidden programs in the task manager bar.
Adjust the size of the subtitles: Support you adjust size to large or small parts according to the user’s discretion.
See more subtitle formats: Compared with music software and movies popular as KMPlayer, FLV Media Player, VLC Media
Player, the GOM Media Player has many highlights in the video with many different subtitle . With multiple software to watch movies and listen to music that can not be or difficult to see the video subtitles SMI, SRT, RT, SUB (with IDX), however with GOM Media Player, users can easily view those provisions this way. You can set the margin, location, size, resolution, fonts and other things of a subtitle.

GOM Media Player supports online video viewing in the form peer-to-peer is through an add-on utility called GOMTV Streamer.

Thanks to these features that GOM Media Player supports audio and video files on this software should be hundred countries with millions of people use and appreciate. According to the survey of a technology site, GOM Media Player is the Korean people and common use for watching movies and listening to music.

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