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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Leawo Music Recorder Latest

Leawo Music Recorder Latest

Leawo Music Recorder Latest | ZainsBaba.com
Leawo Music Recorder Latest | ZainsBaba.com


Leawo Music Recorder – this program will help you to record audio from any source. The program will be useful for music lovers, and will allow you to create sound recordings with a microphone or record audio through any other input device of sound data. You can record music from your computer or online resources such as Last.fm, iTunes Radio, BBC audio, Pandora music, etc. Recorded audio files can be saved in several formats, for example, MP3 or WAV. Leawo Music Recorder also has a “Schedule” function to set the start and duration of the recording. In addition, you can add tags, album covers, song titles, artist names, and customize them manually using the built-in editor.

Leawo Music Recorder Latest | ZainsBaba.com
Leawo Music Recorder Latest | ZainsBaba.com

The main features of the program Leawo Music Recorder: 

Record audio and music from computer and online sources such as AOL Music, Last.fm, etc.
Record audio through a microphone or other built-in audio sources such as: Realtek High Definition Audio, Realtek Digital Input, etc.
Schedule function to set the duration and start recording.
Record audio of any built-in input devices for audio data, as well as audio on a PC with the ability to save in MP3 or WAV formats.
Automatically download and add music tags: titles, artist, album, year, genre and album art. Support for manual editing of tags using the built-in editor.
Set the time interval for automatic filtering or separation of records by the program.
Play audio for preview, create, edit or delete a playlist from the order of recording. Add the recorded music files to the iTunes library in one click.

Platform: Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Language: English
Medication : included
The size: 27.47 MB


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