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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

PhotoScape 3.7 Picture Editor Latest

PhotoScape 3.7 Picture Editor Latest

PhotoScape 3.7 Picture Editor |
PhotoScape 3.7 Picture Editor |


PhotoScape is a photo editing software that is easy and fun to use that allows you to correct and improve photos of cell phone and digital camera. PhotoScape is a package of tools for image manipulation that contains all kinds of functionalities both for give it professional use as for those who just want to make small modifications in their photographs.

Among all the features it contains, it is worth mentioning the file browser, graphic editor, effects editor (frames, collages, templates, compositions, etc.), a complete gif creator, print manager or screen grabber . All of them of simple and intuitive handling.

The huge number of predefined effects allow us to do with little effort to make modifications of an expert, from restoring an aged photograph to making original compositions. If you usually work with images, surely you will not be able to separate an instant from Photoscape once you try it.

PhotoScape 3.7 Picture Editor |
PhotoScape 3.7 Picture Editor |

Thirteen Uses for the Free PhotoScape Image Editor

There are few free photo editing suites as complete as PhotoScape. With each new version add additional features beyond the typical functions to retouch images intuitively. Whether creating animated gifs, modifying batch images, mounting mosaics or taking screen captures, the latest version 3.7 covers all these aspects by cataloging them in thirteen different sections.

Microsoft Windows

Requirements . (Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10 )


PhotoScape 3.7 Picture Editor Latest |