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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

iQur'an Applications Learning to Read Al-Qur'an

iQur'an Applications Learning to Read Al-Qur'an 


For some people to read the Qur'an has become a difficult activity (Masya Allah) this phenomenon occurs because of the high work activities, the hard pressure that many say if not work not eat a little late can not make money, do not realize that they God's good deeds and not as they think. My time when I was a child, in my every prayer maghrib almost every child of elementary and junior high school age even some high school students willing to queue in musholla-musholla to be able to learn to read Al-Qur'an for free, a very rare sight we meet in this day and age, everything is so expensive, studying in TPQ pay to study in TPA pay as well.

I just want to share not with another purpose. I just wanted to help everyone to learn to read the Qur'an anytime and anywhere without being tied to space and time. Then after this you tetep beralasan various, no time, no time, tired and so forth. 
Allah is all-knowing and Allah is thoroughly 

Open "google play" on your android phone and type iQur'an then you will find as shown below

Select the picture number 3 from the top with the name iQuran it will appear like this

If you have more money please buy a pro application there to help the developer, can be done with the contents of regular pulses as much as 50,000 on the card you normally use for data packets, your regular pulse will automatically be truncated for the application. (can not be used if your internet connection using wifi, so when you will buy the application, make sure you access it with the data package in your card, and available 50.000 regular credit on your card.Pay transaction until paid, after your transaction can re-use wifi to download sound content from 8 reciters (readers of Al-Qur'an) provided by the application developer.The 

initial appearance will look like this

Click one of the letters such as Al-Fatiha then the result will be as below

If you want to change the translation into English for example you can do it by clicking on the Indonesian writing above and the result will be like this

To select a reciter or reader you can click on Ghamdi's post and it will appear as shown below

Once selected readers then please you click the green image speakers on the right name reciter then the application will automatically download the mp3 file according to the letter readers. 
To select the sound that best suits you, download all the reciter / reader sounds on Al-Fatihah letters only, then after finding the suitable sound according to your taste, you just open another letter then do download with reciter you choose to save the storage at hp you, because if all reciter you download the file will swell to approximately 5gb. There is no problem for hp that has internal memory above 16Gb and so on.

For those of you who want to enjoy iQur'an Pro facility please download here then do the installation then do the steps above. Once again really I just want to share so there is no excuse again not to read the Qur'an because through this kind of application, read it can be done anytime and anywhere as long as there is intention. 


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