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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Dr. Web Cureit Latest Version Download Free

Dr. Web Cureit Latest Version Download Free With Single Click

Dr. Web Cureit Latest Version Download Free
Dr. Web CureIt

Dr. Web Cureit Overview:

 Dr.Web CureIt! – A simple and reliable in-use utility for scanning the system for the purpose of removing viruses, various adware, all kinds of spyware and rootkits. Scanning can be done at your request, only in moments of need.

Note that the program should be used as an addition to the main antivirus, because it does not have a real-time scanning mode, which is in antiviruses, here, as mentioned above, scanning should be performed on demand.

Plus the product is that you do not get a conflict in the system, because this program works great with any software responsible for security.

Dr.Web CureIt! does not need to be installed, after startup you need to check that you agree to participate in the product improvement program, then you can start scanning right away, and if you go into the settings, you can select scan areas.

As you can see from the screenshot, you can configure this point in detail, and if you are very worried, then perform a full scan.

I will not talk about the user interface, the presence of Russian support, a small number of settings, even a novice can understand all the subtleties, and if you look at all, you just need to press one button responsible for starting the scanning process, then wait for the process to finish and get acquainted with the result.

For each type of threat, Dr.Web CureIt! allows you to select the desired action, for example, delete the virus, move it to quarantine, try to cure, configure these rules yourself, if you do not trust the program. I have nothing more to add to the product,

Dr. Web Cureit Latest Version Download Free