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Saturday, 7 April 2018

Bin Roye 2017 Full Movie HD Download DVDrip

Bin Roye 2017 Full Movie HD Download DVDrip

Bin Roye 2017 720p HD Quality Download Free with high speed download server. Bin Roye 2017 is Pakistani movie download free.

Bin Roye 2017 Full Movie HD Download DVDrip

Bin Roye 2017 Download Free Overview:

Bin Roye 2017 Download Free Bin Roye 2017 is set in Pakistan. It is the story of Saba and the struggles she faces due to being in love with her best friend and cousin Irtiza. In Bin Roye 2017 Full movie download from the very start it is established that Saba is madly in love with Irtiza, who she has grown up with. It is also established that Irtiza also cares a lot for Saba, and she assumed and thinks that she surely got married with irtiza because both have a very close bond. Saba is an extrovert, who lives life to the fullest, and expects Irtiza to fulfil all her childish demands. Irtiza happily does everything Saba asks for, and feels happy seeing her happy.

Bin Roye 2017 Full Movie HD Download DVDrip

Bin Roye 2017 Full Movie HD Download DVDrip

The story starts with Saba and Irtiza celebrating Eid, and enjoying their life in Pakistan. Soon after Irtiza decides to go to America for post-graduate studies. Bin Roye Hd movie download free Saba is unhappy hearing about this and gets angry at Irtiza. Irtiza reasons with Saba and tells her that he will be back in 2 years. Saba understands that post-graduate studies is important for his career and agrees for him to go. Irtiza goes to America and whilst studying there develops feelings for his cousin.

Bin Roye 2017 Full Movie HD Download DVDrip

After completing his studies he comes back to Pakistan and Saba is extremely happy to see him. Soon Saman’s parents die in a plane crash, and Saman goes to Pakistan to her extended family for emotional support, Saba and Irtiza take care of her. Soon Saba learns that Saman is not her cousin, but her elder sister, and that Saman was adopted by her uncle when she was a baby. This fact brings Saba and Saman closer to each other. Both Saman and Saba start sharing a very close sisterly bond. Until one day Saba realises that both Saman and Irtiza have feelings for each other. In spite of loving her sister she cannot help but feel jealousy and anger.

Bin Roye 2017 Movie Features 
Following are the main features of Bin Roye 2017 full movie that makes it very awesome movie.

  • Movie Quality: 720p
  • Movie Size: 697 MB
  • Genre: Romantic
  • Download: Single Click Download
Bin Roye 2017 Movie Trailer

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